Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day 1 and 2- Melbourne to Nannie and Grandad's

Sorry about the dates, but we were really busy and internet wasn't working.

We headed off on our big trip for our first stop at Nannie and Grandad's house in Sea Lake. On the way for the 5 1/2 hour trip, for lunch, we actually got to have McDonald's!!!! As you can tell by the exclamation marks (!) this is very rare food that we get to even see, but mum and dad thought they might spoil us because this trip is a rare occasion as well.
When we arrived, Nannie had made us both a lovely patchwork quilt for the trip (just to make us look even more like glampers) to put on our beds for cold nights. We also got a little present each from Nannie and Grandad. I got a new toiletry bag made out of fake, pink, crocodile skin. Charlotte got a small carry bag so when we go on walks she can fit all the things she needs for the trip.
The next day at 10:30 Charlotte and myself went to Matt's school mass at the local church (about 200 meters away from the house). After mass, Matt (my cousin) and Liz (My Aunty) came over to Nannie and grandad's house for lunch. We had a huge lunch and stuffed ourselves with fish 'n' chips!!! We didn't get to see uncle Bugs because he was on the tractor ploughing up the paddocks.
That night we went to bed early for a 5:30 start in the morning.

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