Friday, 12 July 2013

Day 4 - Port Augusta to Coober Pedy

Today we headed off down the Stuart Highway to Coober Pedy, we had to drive 540km we passed lots of Salt Lakes and we also went through "Woomera Prohibited Area" which is where the army test all their rockets and guns. Cars are not allowed to leave the road and I think that this is a good idea. We stopped at Glendambo and had chicken and avocado rolls which mum made up in the van. Mum had her first turn at driving today and did a pretty good job, she was getting right into it and giving the "big wave" to all the other caravaner's that we met on the road'. We have learnt that all Caravaners do a special wave to each other...... its like we are all in a special club together. When you see another van coming down the highway towards you, you need to dip your head slightly and raise your hand and keep it up for about 2 seconds, the really experienced vanners spread their fingers and emphasise the wave. They are all very friendly and Mum and Dad will be very good at this by the time that we finish this trip.
We arrived at Coober Pedy just before dark, our caravan park was called the Stuart Range Resort.
 Mum said that this is not like any other resort that she has been to, (and that isn't in a good way!) it was very full and was more like a car park than a caravan park, but they had a great playground, it was freezing outside and got down to 1 degree but we were quite warm in our caravan with the temperature set to 17 degrees, Charlotte and I had our Onsies on, so we were very snug.

Setting Up Camp at Coober Pedy
Our Camping Ground Car Park
We decided that we were too tired to do any of the touristy things so we had an early night as we had a big drive of 760km tomorrow to Uluru.

Our Playground

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