Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 18 - Daly Waters

Up early and it was dark when we started to pack up the van but just starting to get light as we pulled out of the Big 4 at Alice Springs to head to Daly Waters....again.
It was a pretty boring trip but Dad said that if we wanted to get to Daly Waters for dinner that night with the Auchterlonie's, he didn't want to hear any complaints about being hungry, how long to go or that we need to go to the toilet. We read our books most of the time to make the time pass quickly.
Bella reading a book - I am hungry but not allowed to mention it
Devils Marbles
We got to Devils Marbles around lunch time so mum made some more wraps in the van and Charlotte and Dad and myself went for a wander around the marbles. They were very unusual rocks that were all round just like marbles. We had lunch and our one toilet stop for the day that we were allowed and back on the road to try to make it to Daly Waters.
More Marbles
I was really looking forward to getting there because the Hansen's told us that it is a fantastic place and not to miss it.
A quick phone call to Sarah to check we had the right place as it was a little confusing with some of the signs and we arrived at 5 pm. When we pulled up there were caravans everywhere waiting to get into the caravan park which is just beside the Daly Waters Pub. It looked like we were just going to miss out because the park looked very full. Mum went in to the pub and managed to get us into the overflow area and we were the second last van in and then it was full.
The camp at Daly Waters Overflow area

We met up with the Aucherlonie's at the pub for the famous "BEEF & BARRA" night. The Barra was delicious and it is caught in the Gulf of Carpentaria. It  was a strange pub that looked like it was put together with bits of old tin and left over scraps. It had bras and knickers hanging off the roof that people who had been there threw up to add to the display. Mum called it a very quirky pub but it was lots of fun and us kids got to do a competition where we had to find out all this information and enter it into our booklets and then we won a free ice-cream. The man forgot to stamp our books so we all went back the other lady and got another ice cream. BONUS!!!!!
There was a man who sang lots of funny songs and played guitar. Dad and Mum got up for a dance and showed us how they used to dance. (a little bit embarrassing for me)

We made it and Dad needed to REHYDRATE

We were so tired because it was such a big day and we had a fairly late night at the pub so we went back to the overflow and I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Dad and Big George stayed on and met some guys from Swan Hill who knew our friend Sam Coffey. They had a later night than the rest of us.

A collection of Bras

Welcome to the Pub

Dad needed a big Brekky after a late night


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  1. We have managed to clear our filters at school and are all having a look at your adventure. Well done Bella on the journal, keep it up.

    5/6 Dav