Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 19, 20 & 21 - Mataranka

Today we drove from Daly Waters to Mataranka which is officially known as the capital of the Never Never, it was only about 150km so it was a nice easy day in the car. We stopped at a little cafĂ© on the side of the road called Frannies, everything that we asked for “on the menu” she didn’t have, but she said that she had four rolls that she could sell us between the eight of us. Frannie told us that she had made them herself that morning and I am not sure if I believed her as she was a strange lady, however the roles were delicious. We arrived in Mataranka and set up camp and went for a swim in the Bitter Springs Thermal pools with our friends, who were also staying at the same caravan park as us again. The springs were beautiful and warm but there were huge spiders above our heads. One was nearly as big as my head and it was in a web just above us as we floated down stream.  We floated on our noodles down the springs as the current was quite fast. The thermal pools are at a constant 34 degrees Celsius and flow from Rainbow Springs at an amazing 30.5 million litres a day.
Mataranka township is on the Roper River and has a population of only about 250 people. We also went to the Barra Feeding which was at our caravan park and they all looked pretty hungry the way they where jumping up for the food.


The next day we went to the Mataranka springs and swam in them, this wasn’t as natural as Bitter Springs as it had a cement bottom and stone walls but was very nice to swim in. Mum picked up some quinces at the supermarket in Alice Springs so she made some quinces paste in her thermomix for us to have on our cheese platters. We have enough to last to our whole trip now. We camped next to a lady who also had a thermomix and she was making up some blueberry cupcakes and they tasted beautiful.
A woman's work is never done, making Quince Paste to accompany the Cheese Platters

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