Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 22, 23 & 24 - Katherine

We spent 3 nights in Katherine and stayed at the Big 4 Low Level Caravan Park. This is my favourite park so far because it was lovely and green and had a HUGE pool. We spent a lot of time with our friends relaxing by the pool and had some very restful days . Mum had a sore back and Rowena knows how to do some Swedish massaging so mum laid down on the grass and had a lovely long massage. It was sore after it but was a bit better the next day. You will never guess who we met up with at this caravan park. Our friend George was getting a hair cut from a lady who runs a hair dressing business from her caravan and I went over there to see him and Sue our dance-fit teacher was there. She has been living at the caravan park for 7 months and is working as the cook in the caravan restaurant. She has a Winnabago ( which is a big truck/caravan ) and lives right near the restaurant with her partner. Sue is a fantastic cook and everything on her menu is made from scratch. We had some dukkah with beautiful bread and oil and it was delicious and the dukkah was even home made.  She also has her own herb and vegie patch out the back and we went to her restaurant twice for dinner. Sue told mum she could use some herbs out of her garden if she want to. Her basil and rosemary were fantastic and mum used some on pizzas.
Me & Sue (with her Katherine Tan) comparing Six -Packs & Charlie
We got a special table right under the big fig tree ( that is all lit with fairy lights and looks beautiful at night) and Sue gave Charlotte and I an extra big serve which was really nice of her. Her desserts were delicious too. The lemon merengue pie was so high and mum said the pecan pie was the best she had ever tasted. 

Dinner under the big  Fig Tree

Hmmmm Yummy Love this Platter

Sisterly Love under the big Fig Tree

Our friend Rowena sings in a band back in Tassie so she got up and had a sing with the band. Charlotte, Adele, George and myself all got up and had a sing into the microphone too. The guys were a bit too slow for Ro because she wanted to rock and roll a bit and they were a bit too old for that.
Charlotte's special Chip Stick, she made it herself
Sue asked us to say hello to everyone at St. Mac's so HELLO EVERYONE FROM SUE. I told her that Clare is doing a fabulous job at keeping all the kids fit and that we are all still enjoying our dance fit classes.
We had planned to go to the Katherine Gorge on our last day there but when we got up in the morning there was no movement from Charlottes bed and she was tucked under the blankets and when I woke her for breakfast she didn't want any. This is very unusual so mum checked on her and she was really hot and had a very sore throat. We rang around to try to get into a doctor because we were going into Kakadu for the next five days and there wouldn't be any doctors up there. We had to end up going to the emergency department at the Katherine Hospital because it was a Sunday and all the clinics were closed. It took hours to see a doctor but it was worth it because she got some antibiotics and Dad didn't mind because he just watched the footy on the t.v. When we got out it was too late to go to the Gorge and Charlotte just wanted to go back to bed so that was a little disappointing that we missed out on seeing it but we will just have to come back another time.
Charlotte lost her third tooth in Katherine, she has lost one a week since we left and she thinks that she will be rich as the Tooth Fairy keeps coming each week. We are calling her Gummy now.
Tooth number Three, i'm making money

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  1. Dear Charlotte,
    we can't believe you have lost 3 teeth in 3 weeks!Today we hosted assembly for the school.We have all done our First Eucharist now.We are doing high jump for PE.We are learning about Forces and Simple Machines. We miss you and hope you are having a great time.
    from 3/4G